Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mingle Math

This week, I combined the getting to know you game, Mingle, with math skills and my students had a blast!!

This game requires each student to have a number card. I decided to use my rounding snowball fight numbers. I printed 16 pages per sheet, and they were the perfect size.

Directions for printing: Select the page range you want to print. I printed the 4th grade set so I printed pages 75 to 134. From the drop down arrow next to “preview” select “layout.” From the drop down arrow next to “pages per sheet” select “16.”

Game Setup:
1.   Split the class in half (One side for student still IN the game and the other side for student OUT of the game.)
2.   Make white boards and dry erase boards accessible to students.
3.   Optional make calculators available for students to check their work.
4.   Provide each student with a card with a number on it.

How to Play:
1.   Have the students walk around the IN side of the classroom silently mingling with one another. They may wave, high five, fist bump, etc.
2.   After about a minute, call out a group size such as groups of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or boy/girl partner.
3.   Students quickly form groups, then any student(s) not in a group is OUT.
4.   Once students are OUT they will move to the OUT side of the classroom, but they will continue to play on that side of the room.
5.   Once in groups, students will use their number cards to perform a mathematical task selected by the teacher such as: put the cards in order from least to greatest, add the numbers, subtract the largest number from the smallest number, round each number to the nearest hundred, etc.
6.   Students may check their work with a calculator after they finish.

7.   Repeat steps 1-6 until there are only 2 students left on the IN side of the room.