Sunday, February 16, 2014

Number Fluency + Freebie

At this point in the year, I can give my 4th graders an addition problem and they whip out a piece of paper and pencil and produce a correct answer. On the other hand, I have a few kiddos that could add all day on paper but cannot manipulate numbers in their heads. This is why I have been thinking about number fluency, the ability to add and subtract within a specific number mentally. Somewhere along the way these kiddos missed this skill.

According to TNCore,
  • Kinders should be able to add and subtract within 5
  • Firsties should be able to add and subtract within 10
  • Second graders should be able to add fluently within 20

I have created a FREE product on fluency with 10 for my Kindergarten and First grade friends. Click here to Grab your freebie!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Task Card Craze or CrAzY + Freebie

I gotta say I love task cards as much as the next girl, but I create soooooo many that if I laminated them ALL and cut them ALL I would go CRAZY! Lately, I only cut the ones I am going to use to play scoot or solve the room. If they are for small group there is NO WAY they are getting laminated or cut. I just slip the whole sheet into a clear report cover and call it a day.

That’s what I plan to do for the little rounding review center I created for my kiddos to work for St. Patrick’s Day. Click here to Grab your Freebie!


I am linking up with Tara at 4th grade Frolics for Monday Made it!



Sunday, February 2, 2014

Word Problem Graphic Organizer

I don’t know about you, but many of my kiddos have a difficult time processing word problems—especially multi-step word problems. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been developing an 8 step graphic organizer designed to help my students think through the steps of solving any type of word problem.

  • The graphic organizer may be displayed on an interactive whiteboard for whole class discussions.
  • Students may keep a copy of the Problem Solving Strategy Graphic Organizer in their journals as a reference. Then, write the numbers 1-8 as they solve word problems.
  • The teacher may choose to laminate the graphic organizer so that students may use fine tip dry erase markers to solve their problems.
  • I have included a jpeg of the printable so that the teacher may order a poster from a company that makes poster from pictures. If you had a laminated poster, small groups of students could complete the Problem Solving Strategy Graphic Organizer together. One fun way is with sticky notes. 
Click here to get your FREE Word Problem Graphic Organizer! 

updated 1/11/16

Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Currently

I am joining Farly at Oh Boy 4th Grade by linking up with her Currently!

Listening: Drip… Drip… Drip… My kitchen sink has been dripping for a while now. I had a plumber friend stop by and fix it about a week ago and it is dripping again.
Loving: We don’t get much snow here in Alabama, but when we do it really affects our travel. Tuesday, our roads were blanketed with snow and ice.
Thinking: Notice I am “thinking” about cleaning. I need to actually be cleaning. 
Wanting: I have been wanting a new laptop for awhile. I had pretty much made up my mind that I wanted to make the leap from PC to Mac. Now my school, has gotten a bunch of Chromebooks and they are really cool. Decisions…Decisions…
Needing: I really could use a nap right now. I have been having insomnia lately. Funny thing is I went for a sleep study on Monday night. I woke up in the middle of the night and could not go back to sleep. The next morning, I told the tech that I couldn’t go back to sleep after I woke up. He said that it didn’t take me that long for me to fall back asleep. Surely, I am not dreaming about not being about to sleep!!
2 Truths & a Fib:
  • Over 11,000 students spent the night at school Tuesday night (Truth). The conditions on the roads became too bad too quickly and busses had to return to schools with students.
  • I am a great cook (Fib). I love to eat, but I do NOT love to cook.
  • There is snow on the ground and my son wore shorts to baseball practice (Truth). Teenagers?! BTW--It is in the 50s today.