Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Measuring Angles Freebie

Yesterday, we made wax paper protractors. I found this idea in Teaching Student-Center Mathematics Grades 3-4 by John A Van de Walle. Not only is it a perfect way to introduce measuring angles and reading protractors, my kiddos love making foldables. See my photos how to make a wax paper protractor below.
I made a set of six angles for my students to measure using their wax paper protractors. I copied a set for each group and put them into clear report covers. My students counted how many wedges were in each angle. Click here to grab your freebie {TPT}   Click her to grab your freebie {TN} On another day, we will go back an measure these angles with a protractor.
After students measured all six angles, I pulled one of the right angles up on my promethean board. I also drew a tiny right angle about an inch tall on my white board. I asked my students to estimate how many wedges would be in each angle and write their estimate in their journal. Next, one student came to the promethean board to measure the right angle displayed. He found there were 4 wedges. Another student measured the right angle drawn on the white board. She found there were 4 wedges. Many students were surprised that they had the same measurement.

How to Make a Wax Paper Protractor


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Capacity Kingdom Foldable Freebie

Last week, my students started learning to convert units of capacity. I began by telling them a story I adapt from Voltz Math.

Far, far, away in land called Capacity Kingdom lived a King. This king was huge! In fact, he was a giant, so everyone called him King G. {I drew a Big "G" on my white board.} Then I asked my kiddos if they knew what a king’s wife was called. They did J.  Next, I told them King G was playah. I nodded my head and paused for dramatic effect. Then, I told them he had four queens. {I drew four "Q"s inside the Big "G" on the board.}
Next I asked my kiddos if they knew what the kids of kings and queens are called. They did J. I told my students that each queen had one prince and one princess. {I drew two "P"s inside each "Q" saying this queen had one prince and one princess as I drew each "P"} This is when I began to hear my kids whispering that the King had 8 kids.

Then I asked my students if they knew what princes and princesses wear on their heads. They did J.  I told them each Prince and Princess had two crowns. They had one they wore on special occasions such as a ball. They wore the other crown everyday to places like the mall. { I drew two "c"s inside each "P" chanting ball and mall as I drew each "c"} Next I told them each crown had 8 opals on it.
Finally, I told my kiddos that I told them that silly story to help remember how to draw the big "G" when you are converting capacity. Let me tell you, it did!! I spent 10 minutes telling that story on Monday. On Friday, I gave a quick assessment to see how many of my 104 students could draw the big “G”. I was AMAZED almost every student remembered it exactly!!

After telling the story I gave each a big “G” foldable to put in their math notebooks. We practice using the using the big “G” to convert customary units of capacity.

Click Here to Grab your Free Foldable {TPT}
Click Here to Grab your Free Foldable {TN}

King Gallon
Queen Quart
Prince/Princess Pint
Crown Cup
Opal Ounces

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Finding Perimeter at School & Home

Click on the Picture to Grab Your Copy.
We have been investigating measurement. This week, my students were given the task to measure several objects around the room. I watched as pairs of students found the perimeter of the classroom door. With a meter stick in hand, students began to measure. Even though most of my kiddos can tell you there are 3 feet in a yard and 100 cm in a meter. Many of them decided to measure the door in inches using a meter stick. Turns out, this was a great opportunity to discuss efficiency. This assignment really helped my students begin to learn to apply their measuring knowledge. Measuring the door was also an opportunity for my kiddos to problem solve because it was taller than they could reach and I wouldn't let them stand in a chair. They had to figure out to start at the top of the door and work their way down. I also created a Finding Perimeters at Home practice sheet. 
Click the Picture to Grab Your Copy.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Want to Get on the Right Track with Word Problems?

I have been working on a set of 26 task cards involving multiplication and division situations. Each task card contains a picture and two questions. Some problems have extra information, require students to interpret remainders, or require students to use the answer from the first problem to solve the second. (Common Core Standard 4.OA.3) The set includes a student record sheet and an answer key. Since understanding word problems is a skill in which so many students need extra practice, I decided to share my task cards with my Facebook Fans. Not a fan yet? Go to Facebook, click "like" then access the "Fan Freebies" tab.

***Update 1/6/15 This resource above is no longer available on my Facebook page; however, it is available for purchase in my TpT store. Click here to check it out.  You are now able to get my Cooperative Table Mats when you like my Facebook. I love this set of table mats because my students are continually working in cooperative groups. These mats make partnering up a breeze. They are available for groups of 4 or groups of 6. Like my Facebook page to get your FREE set of table mats!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hole Punch Answer Key

I just have to share how my friend Heather saved me a ton of time grading my math tests. On this test, my kiddos had to fill in a bubble answer document. This type of test is usually tedious for me to grade. Heather suggested that I make an answer key and use a hole punch to punch out the answers. Next, I placed my answer key on top of the student test and filled in any blank circles with my purple pen. Then, I lifted the answer key and counted my circles to determine how many problems the students missed. It was so easy!!