Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Multiplication Fortune Facts

Growing up in the ‘80s, my friends and I LOVED predicting our future with a game of MASH. We played this simple game over and over again to find out where we would live, who we would marry, how many children we would have, and what kind of car we would drive. I decided to try recreate that experience with a MASH inspired multiplication facts game. It turns out, this game is just as addictive as it predecessor. My kiddo absolutely LOVE it! Each printable has 9 categories: Where will I live?; In what type of home will I live?; What is my job; How much money will I make?; What vehicle will I drive?;  Who will I marry?; What kind of pet will I have?; What big event will happen in my future?. Under each category there are 4 possible fortunes. Each fortune is marked with a number (product). The kids roll two dice, multiply the numbers on the dice to find the product, find the product under one of the categories, and then eliminate that item as a possible fortune. They keep rolling, multiplying, eliminating until there is only one fortune left under each category. Then, they read and share their fortune. Click here checkout Multiplication: Fortune Facts!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Reward Coupons

This year my school is using reward coupons to encourage positive behavior. I LOVE how motivated my 4th graders are to earn these reward coupons. I also LOVE that it easy to manage and doesn’t cost me anything. I’m use the reward coupons with our clip up chart. My kiddos earn specific coupons based on the color they are on at the end of the week. Other teachers, use the reward coupons with Class DoJo. Their students earn coupons based on how many DoJo points they earned for the week. Here are a few of passes. Click here to get your own set! 

Along with positive rewards, sometimes our kiddos will also need to have some reflect on their actions. A good time for this reflect seems to be lunch---the tried and true Silent Lunch. If you use silent lunch at your school, try this FREE silent lunch folder with reminders on the inside to be responsible, be kind, be safe, and follow direction. Click here to download your free silent lunch folder.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Free Alphabet Printables

I am so excited to announce the release of my Alphabet Letter of the Week collection. This set is PACKED full with printables, activities, games, and bulletin board ideas. Preschool, kindergarten, and ELL students will be engaged for an entire year as they learn the letters and their sounds. 

Each week students may create an adorable Letter of the Week Cowboy Hat.

Quiz sticks is a fun cooperative learning activity in which kiddos identify pictures as beginning with the Letter of the Week sound or not.

Your kiddos will love to twist and turn this Magic ABC Book as they read Letter of the Week words. Click the Picture to watch a video clip.

Click the picture to try “I Can Learn theAlphabet A” for FREE!!