Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Measuring Angles Freebie

Yesterday, we made wax paper protractors. I found this idea in Teaching Student-Center Mathematics Grades 3-4 by John A Van de Walle. Not only is it a perfect way to introduce measuring angles and reading protractors, my kiddos love making foldables. See my photos how to make a wax paper protractor below.
I made a set of six angles for my students to measure using their wax paper protractors. I copied a set for each group and put them into clear report covers. My students counted how many wedges were in each angle. Click here to grab your freebie {TPT}   Click her to grab your freebie {TN} On another day, we will go back an measure these angles with a protractor.
After students measured all six angles, I pulled one of the right angles up on my promethean board. I also drew a tiny right angle about an inch tall on my white board. I asked my students to estimate how many wedges would be in each angle and write their estimate in their journal. Next, one student came to the promethean board to measure the right angle displayed. He found there were 4 wedges. Another student measured the right angle drawn on the white board. She found there were 4 wedges. Many students were surprised that they had the same measurement.

How to Make a Wax Paper Protractor