Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Aluminum Foil Boats

One of the fourth grade common core standards is line plots (specifically line plots with fractions). I cannot speak for anyone else, but my fourth graders weren’t ready for line plots with fraction at the beginning of the year. Aluminum foil penny boats is a fun way to introduce line plots. Begin by giving each student or pair or students a square of aluminum foil with a dimension of 4” by 4” or larger.  The boat in the picture was made from a 6” by 6“ piece of aluminum foil. Keep in mind the bigger the piece of foil the more pennies it will take to sink it. When you give students the foil tell them that they are going to build a boat that will hold pennies. Ask them to estimate how many pennies they think the foil boats will hold before sinking. Once students get their foil they simply mold it my hand into the shape of a boat, then the real fun begins. They will place their creation on the water.  You can use any large container filled with water. Students will place one penny at a time inside their boat. They should keep track of how many pennies they add to their boat. Once everyone is finished, complete a line plot together as a class by displaying the printable on an interactive whiteboard or projector. Create a bulletin board by hanging completed line plots and stapling student foil boats in the corners.Click Here to Download Your Free Printable


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