Sunday, September 28, 2014

Multiplication Strategy Freebie

As my students are learning their multiplication facts, I teach them to begin with a combination they already know. Since I teach fourth grade, many of my students already know the 5s and 10s facts.

A couple of years ago, I had a handful of kids that didn’t know their multiplication facts. Every time they were presented with a problem they started at one skip counting it out on their fingers.
Finally, I came up with a plan. I told them I was going to introduce them to couple of my friends. Mrs. 5 and Mr. 10. If they were given a problem such as eight times seven, they would call up Mrs. 5 and ask her, “What is 5 eights?” They would then start skip counting at 5- 40,  6 – 48 , 7 – 56 .

I now have a set of t-charts which I can use in my math centers or project on the board. To get your free copy click here!


  1. What a fun strategy! Going to print off and use to help struggling 5th graders!

  2. Thanks. I'll be using this for my home schooled 8 and 10 year olds.

  3. I tried the link but it just took me to your fabulous store. Where can I find this?