Saturday, May 2, 2015

Math Whisper Game Freebie

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With all of the rain we have been having lately, we have had to stay inside a bunch for recess. I came up with a new recess game that my kiddos LOVE: Math Whisper Game. (adapted from a popular YouTube game: Whisper Challenge)  

I have a small plastic cup with numbered chips inside. Each of my kiddos has a class number, so it makes it easy to shake and select.

First I draw 2 equity chips to see who will be our first two players. These students sit across from each other in front of the class.

One student puts on a pair of headphones with music playing. (If you do this, be sure the music is not too loud. We need to protect our kiddo's hearing.)

The other student whispers a 4-5 word math phrase to the student with headphones. For example: “area is length times width”

The student with headphones attempts to repeat the phrase by reading the lips of the student whispering to them. This is the FUNNIEST thing. They think they see the word five so they start saying everything they know about the number five.

The whisperer keeps repeating the phrase while the student with the headphones attempts to guess the phrase until their time is over. (one-minute or the length of the song)

I gave my kiddos a piece of candy if they figured out the phrase to keep them from deliberately guessing incorrectly.

I have created 28 example phrases and a blank printable for you to use to create your own phrases. Click here to get your FREE copy!

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