Sunday, September 1, 2013

Factors & Multiples

I am so excited about two new games I created.

In years past, I have had some students who have had difficulty remembering the difference between factors and multiples. They understand both concepts, but they just keep mixing up the vocabulary. To help my students visualize the word multiple, I created my Multiple Mountain math center. The board for this activity is a large mountain. Students draw a card, and then climb the mountain by writing the multiples of a number on the card. Multiple Mountain
I also created a factor matching game designed to build understanding of the concept of factors. The game contains 30 jars and lids. Each jar is filled with fireflies marked with the factors of a specific number. Students match a lid labeled with a composite number under 50 to the correct jar filled with fireflies. This game is also designed to help students remember the difference between factors and multiples. The firefly factors inside the jar help students visualize factors as numbers inside a number. Firefly Factors

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