Sunday, September 29, 2013

Money and Decimals

Updated 2/26/15
My students really need more practice with decimals, so I am adding a counting coins activity to my math menu. This activity was inspired by Anne Gardner's blog post. For this activity, my students will toss a set of coins equaling a $1.00 onto a Heads/Tails Work Mat. I choose $1.00 because I want them to practice combinations equaling 100. They will separate the coins by head and tails. Next, they will place the coins heads up on the left side of the mat, and then they will place the coins tails side up on the right side of the mat. My kiddos will count the coins that are heads up and record the total amount on the mat using a dry erase marker. Next, they will also count the coins that are tails up and record the total amount. Students will compare the totals, and then place and inequality symbol card on the snail's shell to indicate whether heads is greater than, less than, or equivalent to tails. Click here to checkout my Counting Coins resource!

I am also going to begin using my Daily Decimal Printable every day. I will begin each math class by giving students a decimal. I have placed the daily decimal printable in clear report covers so that my students may complete the printable with dry erase markers. Click here to checkout my Daily Decimal resource!


  1. Great idea for using money for decimals! It helps to make it more real and meaningful to students with such a hard concept.

    Reading Toward the Stars

  2. I just downloaded Counting Coins. I love the snail graphic. Thank you.