Sunday, October 6, 2013

Place Value Foldables

Updated 2/26/15

My class has been examining number patterns for several weeks. Because many of my students incorrectly thought the place after thousands is millions, I wanted my students to notice patterns among place value periods. To help my students really see the pattern, I pushed the place value out into the quadrillions. I displayed my I Can Read Big, Big, Big Numbers Foldable on my interactive whiteboard, and then my little mathematicians practiced saying the large numbers I wrote on the board. They had a BLAST reading the big numbers. My kiddos noticed that each period had a ten and a hundred. Afterward, students placed a copy of the foldable in their journals as a reference. Click here to check out my Place Value Foldables!

We used this foldable to discuss patterns moving from one place to another. For example, it takes 10 tens to make one hundred and it takes 100 tens to make one thousand.

Folding down one zero and revealing the number underneath, helped my kiddos identify the value of each digit. The digit 8 pictured above has a value of 800.