Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Review with Hot Potato

My students enjoy playing Hot Potato to review. Not only is Hot Potato a fun game, it works for any subject! All you need a soft ball to serve as your "potato" and kid friendly music. Begin by setting some ground rules for the students. I tell my students the boys must throw to a girl that is seated and the girls must throw to a boy that is seated.

I usually make it a competition between the boys and girls because fourth graders love it. You can play without competing or you can compete by groups.

Play a kid friendly song and let the students begin tossing the "potato." When the music stops, I ask whoever touched it last a review question. I also ask a question to everyone that sits in that same position at the other groups. This allows me to ask several questions at once. It also give me a chance to check in or to assess kids that normally avoid answering questions. You could ask everyone at the group a question instead.

Play a couple of rounds prior to giving a test.

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