Thursday, June 20, 2013

Snowball Fight in June?

Several years ago, I invented my rounding snowball fight game and every year since my students beg to play it. They say it is the BEST game ever!! The year I invented this game I had a high number of kinesthetic learners and I was constantly trying to think of ways to let them move and learn at the same time. The idea came to me after a rounding unit. I wanted an informal assessment to see if my students were ready for a test. I grabbed a stack of blank copy paper and wrote one number on each page with a sharpie. I wrote the numbers large so that they could be seen across the room. Next, I underlined one of the digits in each number. I made enough sheets so every student would have 2-3 pages. I gave each student 2-3 pages to crumble into individual snowballs and told my students we were going to have an indoor snowball fight. Before the game, I told the students my expectation: 1) Don’t run 2) Aim below the shoulders. They all pushed in their chairs, I set a timer for one minute, and then I told the students they may begin. This was one minute of pure happiness for my 4th graders. Afterward, I asked each student to take one snowball back to their seat and to leave the others on the floor. One at a time, each student opened their snowball, and rounded the number on the snowball to the underlined place. I asked them to hold it so that the other students in the class may see as well. After everyone rounded their snowball, it was time for another snowball fight. It is super is easy it make yourself or if you want to just hit print. Click Here to Download my Rounding Practice Snowball Fight.


  1. Whoa. That is an amazing idea. I love, love, love LOVE it.

  2. This is terrific! And you can adapt it for so many things. Thanks!

  3. It's 2020 and I'm planning on using this with my 3rd graders!