Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What Time Is It?

updated 3/4/15

What time is it? You wouldn’t think I would get asked that question very often as a fourth grade teacher, but the truth is many fourth graders struggle to accurately tell time. A few years ago, I read in John A Van De Walle’s book Elementary and Middle School Mathematics to begin measuring time instruction with a one handed clock. Thinking what did I have to lose I grabbed my stack of card board clocks, a pair of scissors, and cut off the minute hands off every clock. My colleague across the hall walked in while I was chopping away and thought I lost my mind. But, let me tell you, it worked! This is the best way to introduce time. My students use the hour hand to estimate the time. They use the hour hand to decide if the time is almost __ , a little after __, or between __ & ___.

I have created a telling time game pack which includes 6 teaching posters to go along with my one handed clocks. Plus, 3 engaging games which allow students to practice telling time.

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