Friday, August 9, 2013

Decimal Number Line

As a math teacher, I have to say I LOVE using a decimal number line. This gives my students the visual model they need to grasp a difficult concept. I copy small hundreds grids for my students to color the decimals from zero to one. Click here for your free blackline master. I usually let them use colored pencils for this task. After they color the hundreds grids, they cut them out and paste them on a roll of receipt paper. I like to use the 3 inch roll because it leaves a little room at the bottom for my kiddo to write the decimal from, written form, or equivalent fraction. I have several number lines already completed and laminated; however, I like to let my students create one each year in groups of 4-6 students. A lot of learning takes place as students work together to complete this project. It is neat to watch how they assign each other their rolls. Some groups do everything together while others delegate the coloring, cutting and pasting to specific students. After we complete the project, I hang them outside in the hallway. I also have a laminated number line hanging in my classroom. I like to let my students label this one with a vis-a-vis marker because it is easy to clean and reuse.  Click here if you want to print my Visual Decimal Numbers Lines that are already colored and labeled

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