Sunday, August 11, 2013

Think Math

I decided this year I was going to try to incorporate Think Math in my classroom. I first learned about Think Math from For more information on Think Math click here. In a nutshell, the teacher gives the students an answer and they generate a problem that would produce that answer. Their problems may be equations or word problems. I can envision all of the critical thinking skills that will take place as my students create their own problems. Since I am departmentalized I decided I wanted to put a poster on my door so that my kiddos could place their sticky note with their problem on their number when we changed classes. I went to the teacher store to get a blank calendar and some calendar numbers to create a poster to put on my door. The calendar numbers were picked over and I couldn’t find anything I really liked, so I decided to create my own numbers instead. These numbers are perfect for my board because they have tiny numbers going around each green circle.  Click here to get my Freebie Number Cards 1-35.

How I created my Think Math poster

1.    I purchased a poster calendar from my local teacher store, and then cut off all the words so that only the grid remained.

2.    I turned the calendar on its side because rows of 5 fit better on my door than row of 7.

3.    I printed and cut out the numbers I created, and then glued them to the board. I glued 35 numbers on my board, but you could cut off the bottom row of 5 if you wanted to stop at 30.

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