Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lunch Count Procedures

I have used the same Lunch Count System for about 10 years ago because it is quick and easy. I have not had to replace any of the materials I used to create it.

Materials: I went to my local teacher store and purchased a blank calendar from the poster section; a tub of plastic chips which included red, blue, yellow, green and orange chips; a pack of calendar numbers; and a pack of Stikki clips. I went to Walmart and purchased three small red baskets to hold my chips. I went to my local office supply store to purchase Velcro circles for the back of the chips.

Setup: To create my Lunch Choice Poster, I trimmed the calendar so that only the grid remained. Next, I turned the trimmed calendar on its side, glued the calendar numbers inside each square on the grid, and then laminated the poster. Next, I put a Velcro circle on each number. I also place a Velro circle on the back of each of my red, yellow and blue chips. I created a Lunch Choice Key, laminated it, and put Velcro on each choice. I hung the Lunch Count Poster and the Lunch Choice Key with hot glue. Then, I place two Skikki clips under the Key to hang the paper lunch choice calendar our school gives us each month. Finally, I placed the three red baskets containing the Velcro Chips on a table under the Lunch Count Poster.

Each afternoon, my helpers write the lunch choices on the board for the following day. At the beginning of the year I assign each student a number. When students come in the morning, they unpack then they make their lunch choice by selecting a colored chip and placing it on their number. Afterward, my helpers count each choice and record them on a slip a paper. On the table under the Lunch Count Poster is another basket containing slips of paper and envelopes for lunch money. I also use this system to figure out who is absent by looking to see which numbers do not have a lunch choice. At the end of the day, my helpers remove the chips and place them back in the correct basket. I have them wait until the end of the day so that students do not change their lunch choice when they go through the lunch line.

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